Our cloud-based suite of tools is feature-rich and intended to provide a complete analysis of your marketing spend, giving you the complete picture from the drivers of your sales to how next month's marketing plan should look.

Attribution Engine

  • Runs virtually any marketing mix model and the best-performing multi-touch attribution models
  • Customizable model specifications
  • Empirical Bayesian estimation to stabilize noisy coefficients
  • Explicit Bayesian priors to integrate multiple model types
  • Significance testing and automated model pruning
  • Facilitates automated quarterly/monthly/weekly/daily model updates
  • Automated calculation of volume decompositions and “due-tos”
  • Adstock calculation and reach-based response curves
  • Highly scalable, capable of processing billions of records
  • Portable, able to run on the Amazon cloud, Google cloud, Microsoft cloud, or on-premise
Marketing Attribution Attribution Engine

Modeling Engine

Customize your product and sales hierarchies, business driver dictionary and hierarchy, and tailor your model specifications for your brands and business model

Data Review

Explore your input data sets with summaries and customized graphs to make sure it is clean and correct

Model Comparison

Compare results using side-by-side model diagnostics

Automated Pipelines

Load data, run your models, and generate reports automatically on a periodic basis using the pipeline scheduler


  • Explains what does and doesn’t drive your sales
  • Estimates the incremental sales and ROI from each marketing campaign
  • For every tracked product and market, explains sales change versus year-ago, assigning portions of the change to marketing strategies, weather, and/or competitive activity
  • Automated assistant provides key insights
Marketing Attribution Drivers

MMM Dashboard

Understand the drivers of your business KPIs, identify exactly why the business is changing over time, and what you can do to change course. Drill down into products, geographies, and explore the rich detail of your attribution model.

MTA Dashboard

Gain perspective on how well your addressable marketing is driving conversions by slicing into detailed impressions, conversions, segments, and ROIs.


  • For any given marketing plan, provides forecasted sales and margin
  • Suggests changes to plan that would provide higher estimated sales for same spend
  • Considers inter-product effects for product portfolio optimizations
  • Fastest and easiest optimization tool we’ve developed
Marketing Attribution Planner

Annual Planner

Ultra-fast and simple budget forecaster and optimizer to make annual marketing allocations. Build scenarios to maximize revenue, profit, or a blended objective.

Weekly Planner

When you need a detailed marketing plan complete with optimized flighting schedule and tactic allocation, use Weekly Planner to figure out the details for you. It solves the complex planning scenarios and lets you apply constraints when you are bound by budget or execution obligations.

Forecast Tracking

Forecast monthly sales trends by loading your media, price, promotion, and competetitive expectations. Actualize your forecasts and track along to see which assumptions were off and how you can improve the forecast.

Pricing Simulator

Find the best opportunities to make strategic price changes. Maximize profit by surgically changing the right prices on the right products.

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