Attribution Engine

  • Runs virtually any marketing mix model and the best-performing multi-touch attribution models
  • Empirical Bayesian estimation to stabilize noisy coefficients
  • Explicit Bayesian priors to integrate multiple model types
  • Significance testing and automated model pruning
  • Facilitates automated quarterly/monthly/weekly/daily model updates
  • Automated calculation of volume decompositions and “due-tos”
  • Adstock calculation and reach-based response curves
  • Highly scalable, capable of processing billions of records
  • Portable, able to run on the Amazon cloud, Google cloud, Microsoft cloud, or on-premise
Marketing Attribution Attribution Engine


  • Explains what does and doesn’t drive your sales
  • Estimates the incremental sales and ROI from each marketing campaign
  • For every tracked product and market, explains sales change versus year-ago, assigning portions of the change to marketing strategies, weather, and/or competitive activity
  • Automated assistant provides key insights
Marketing Attribution Drivers


  • For any given marketing plan, provides forecasted sales and margin
  • Suggests changes to plan that would provide higher estimated sales for same spend
  • Considers inter-product effects for product portfolio optimizations
  • Fastest and easiest optimization tool we’ve developed
Marketing Attribution Planner