Get More From Your Marketing Spend

Marketing Attribution Drivers

Marketing Attribution was founded by some of the most experienced veterans of the marketing measurement industry.  Our highly automated analytical software uses cloud-based statistical analysis of large marketing datasets to measure the incremental sales from your media and marketing investments. Given that, we can allocate marketing spend to the most efficient investments, and connect to media buying systems to execute the buys.


Marketing Attribution Tools

We built three tools to measure and optimize marketing effectiveness. Attribution Engine is a scalable, generalized modeling engine that runs either marketing mix or multi-touch attribution models.  Drivers reports incremental sales and ROI from marketing campaigns and explains why sales are up or down.  Planner forecasts the impact of future marketing plans and suggests changes to optimize your spending.  We can provide Drivers and Planner fully loaded with results, updated monthly, on a turn-key basis.  Or you can license Attribution Engine or any of our other tools for use in your internal measurement service. Or we can do it all for you on a consulting basis.

Service options


  • We license Attribution Engine, Drivers, and/or Planner to you
  • We support our software and resolve any issues
  • You run the models and load tools


  • We run the models and load tools on a routine, typically monthly or weekly, turnkey basis
  • Our support team answers questions and resolves any issues regarding the models or tools


  • We run the models, present results on-site
  • We load any licensed tools
  • Dedicated support team answers questions and conducts ad hoc analyses as requested
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